Imagine of the photo-taking moments when all your pals want to cling just next to you because of the miraculous look of your hair. Imagine of all the compliments that you can receive when everybody mistakes your weave for natural hair. Well said! With proper tips, your weave will work out in the way that you cannot imagine giving your natural hair a natural growth. Through natural slip-ups, you can lose your hair and if you have never been in that situation before you will be faced with a tough situation in ahead. Most people will lose their self-esteem in a situation where they lose their natural hair if they trimmed it, or something else occurred. However, if this happens you don’t need to worry because your weave will work cover your head during such a period while allowing your hair to grow naturally again. Here are other tips on how the weave will protect your natural hair.

Try as much as you can to limit the heat.

The weave is not part of your body and, therefore, a continuous use of the product might bring about some complications to your natural hair. This, however, can happen if you don’t use it in the right and recommended way. For instance, you should always remember that your head needs free circulation of hair more so during the night when most body activities take place. You should therefore not wear your weave when you sleep because it can accumulate a lot of heat that can cause irritation to your skin. Dont make this mistake! The ladies at Hair Critics cover this in their review and also have a coupon code for Mayvenn they offer.

Consider going for a diffuser.

You can agree with me that most hair problems are caused by leaving your hair dumb after washing it. This can happen even when you think that your hair is completely dry because naturally hair takes a long time to dry. To be sure that your hair is dry every time before you sleep, consider buying a diffuser. This device is fixed behind the hair drier. On top of ensuring your hair is dry, it also aids in making hair curls. However, it is important to note is that you should not allow your weave to dry naturally because probably you would not like the smell that will develop over some time.

Don’t leave your weave on your head for too long.

It is a miracle how some ladies will leave a weave in their head for as long as nine months! This must be extremely shocking. If you, however, love your hair, you should not allow this simply because you will have to undergo extreme problems after you remove your weave. You might experience some skin problems around the area where the weave covered your head probably due to too much irritation.

Trim your hair every time you remove your weave.

You will probably be happy of how your hair shall have grown after removing your weave. But trust me you need to trim it because the hair that you gain during the time you have your weave on is always not even. Trimming it a little bit is recommended such that you have even hair.

Give your hair some time to breath.

Don’t be one of those people who are after removing their weave will exchange with another almost immediately. Giving your hair a relatively good time to rest before putting another one is a good idea. Give your hair to a maximum of three weeks such that it your skin can also heal from any problems related with excess heating from your weave.